Mastering the Fuzzy Front-end of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Processes – Part II: The Solution

May 13, 2019By Peter KeinzA post 2 Comments

In my last blog post, I had elaborated on what I think are the biggest challenges to successful KTT activities: the inventors’ technological perspective as well as their functional fixedness. Both of these phenomena clearly and substantially inhibit the identification and evaluation of new and promising, far-analogous application fields to existing technologies. But awareness of … Read More

9 out of 10!

May 6, 2019By Thorsten LambertusAn opinion No Comments

Failure culture is still a hot topic. Especially in Europe and its startup ecosystem. Many innovation experts suggest: celebrate failure! It’s a good thing. Embrace it. Although I fully accept that failure accompanies any innovation process just as high risks accompany high return opportunities, it is my firm belief that it should never be regarded … Read More