Accelerating against a wall!

July 15, 2017By hightechventuresAn opinion, by Thorsten Lambertus No Comments

12th batch, 12 weeks, 12 teams.. another high-quality FDays® batch ended last week and once again we had a tremendous portfolio of high-tech projects stemming from various research institutions (Fraunhofer, DLR/Helmholtz, RWTH Aachen University). The biggest challenge for us as program managers, mentors and coaches still lies in coping with the heterogeneity of technologies, targeted … Read More

Evidence-based innovation: why opinions harm your innovation process

June 17, 2017By hightechventuresA comment, by Thorsten Lambertus No Comments

Researchers develop technologies by following a process of trial-and-error. If a technology is working, or not working, is not assessed based upon opinions, but by creating evidence that this thing actually works. However, when it comes to business, our experience shows that these highly-skilled individuals switch to a quite different rationale: planning instead of doing, … Read More